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PyroSafe by antex® – Our Product

Lifetime flame resistance. Comfort. Durability. Versatility.
The industry’s most reliable knitted flame resistant fabrics—only from PyroSafe by antex®. We’re different from other fabrics…

Our lifetime flame resistance guarantee and product comfort are unmatched in today’s market. Compare Pyrosafe by antex® to other brands available and you will see for yourself that our product sets us apart from everyone in the protective clothing marketplace.

Lifetime Flame Resistance Guarantee
Our revolutionary proprietary process for knit cotton and cotton blend fabrics is flame resistant for the life of the garment.

Unmatched Comfort
Our cotton and cotton blend knits are extremely soft and breathable with the added benefit of better stretch and movement.

Superior test results in electric arc and flash fire testing make our fabrics ideal for the protective clothing industry and enhanced employee safety.

Our fabrics pass 100 industrial launderings and still maintain their flame resistant properties, which makes PyroSafe fabrics superior to competitive fabrics in the market. No one else can make this claim. PyroSafe fabrics maintain their original appearance after repeated washings so your employee’s garments will look good and last longer.

Versatility & Product Depth
PyroSafe by antex provides the highest level of flame protection, backed by the experience and versatility of Antex Knitting Mills with flame and electric arc testing data to prove it. We offer a wide range of knitted fabrics in cotton and cotton blends and can also develop new fabrics exclusively for your individual needs.

Color Matching
PyroSafe by antex® is the only fabric manufacturer controlling the entire process from knitting through dyeing and finishing. We can match any color to your specifications and provide consistency from dye lot to dye lot..

Applications and Uses
PyroSafe by antex® will allow you to expand your product line of fire resistant clothing from base layer to outerwear.

  For more information about PyroSafe and Antex Knitting please contact:
Alan Gitomer - p: 917-446-4577 e: or Dennis James - p: 908-421-0524 e: