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Flame Resistance of Textiles
(Vertical Test) - ASTM D6413

vertical test astm d6413

Recognized Industry Test used to determine the response of textiles exposed to flame for a specified period of time. After performing this test on the Cotton/Polyester blend shown above, there are no signs of melting nor dripping; there is no afterflame and the char length complies the most demanding customer’s requirements.

We are achieving excellent results on Cotton/Nylon blends as well as 100% Cotton fabrics even after 100 industrial launderings.

The PyroSafe by antex®  Difference

Lifetime flame resistance. Comfort. Durability. Versatility.
The industry’s most reliable knitted flame resistant fabrics –
only from PyroSafe by antex®.

What makes the PyroSafe product unique …

When selecting a flame resistant fabric for your manufacturing needs, select a resource with a history of success and the ability to manage the process from start to finish—knitting, dyeing, printing and finishing. With the experience of Antex Knitting Mills behind it, PyroSafe by antex® meets this criteria.

Lifetime Flame Resistance
PyroSafe is manufactured using a proprietary ammonia application of flame resistant chemicals. The PyroSafe chemical application process ensures that our knitted cotton and cotton-blend fabrics are flame resistant for the life of the garment. Our product stands up to harsh environments and up to 100 industrial launderings and still maintains its original appearance.

End-to End Quality Control
PyroSafe is the only flame resistant fabric controlled by one manufacturer through every step of the production process: knitting, dyeing, finishing, chemical treatment and quality testing. Other manufacturers buy fabric and treat it with chemicals, leaving a large portion of quality control to others in the supply chain.

Softness, Comfort and Breathability
PyroSafe is a brand of Antex Knitting Mills. Antex has been producing cotton and cotton-blend knits in California since 1973. PyroSafe fabrics provide the end user the ideal benefits of cotton knits: stretch, softness, and comfort.

Lowest Formaldehyde Levels in the Market
Our unique flame resistant application process results in fabrics that contain extremely low formaldehyde levels. This unique feature has allowed for uses as stringent as children’s sleepwear.

Color Matching
PyroSafe by antex is the only manufacturer controlling the entire process from knitting through dyeing, printing and finishing. We can provide a wide range of colors, match your customer’s specific requirements and ensure consistency from dye lot to dye lot.

PyroSafe is a trademark of Antex Knitting Mills. Antex is a California manufacturer of knitted fabrics that has been in the industry since 1973. Antex is vertical, controlling the knitting, dyeing, printing and finishing process, and is in a unique position to meet your specific needs for fabrics and colors.

We can produce to your specifications in a timely manner without compromising quality.

  For more information about PyroSafe and Antex Knitting please contact:
Alan Gitomer - p: 917-446-4577 e: or Dennis James - p: 908-421-0524 e: