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PyroSafe by antex® – Our Process

A unique process that guarantees lifetime safety…
We encourage you to compare PyroSafe by antex to other brands and generic products. We’re confident that after a comparison, you’ll do what other safety-minded manufacturers have done—demand the PyroSafe brand.

PyroSafe by antex® utilizes a revolutionary process to make cotton and cotton blend knitted fabrics flame resistant for the life of the garment without weakening the material like other processes. The manufacture of PyroSafe starts with the same proven fire-resistant chemicals used in the protective clothing industry for many years.

Our lifetime guarantee of flame resistance is a result of our proprietary and revolutionary application of these chemicals. No other manufacturer of flame resistant knitted cotton products protects its fabrics the way PyroSafe does.

Some flame resistant fabrics are still made the “old fashioned” way using a low-cost topical application that is easily and quickly removed in laundering, reducing the fabric’s flame resistant properties and increasing potential for harm to your employees. These garments have to be replaced constantly to ensure protection for your employees.

PyroSafe by antex® utilizes a special application process that provides flame resistance for the life of the garment. Ammonia cure finishing technology allows the fabrics to withstand the aggressive laundering process used on flame resistant materials and ensures lifetime protection. Even after 100 industrial launderings, our fabrics maintain their flame resistant properties and their original appearance.

Other manufacturers use ammonia cure technology, but only PyroSafe by antex uses a proprietary application process that is unique to the industry.

PyroSafe garments will look good, feel great and last longer.

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